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Founded in 1995, Wuxi Fusheng Valve Industrial Co., Ltd. Is a professional valve manufacturer dedicates to industrial general valves and control valves design, manufacturing, marketing and servicing.   Fusheng has been continuing to utilize the last   technology for product design and manufacturing process.   Fusheng has become one of the best industrial valve manufacturers in     China    nowadays.   60% products  are for international  market,   OEM for many first-class valve  brand in USA and Europe.

Fusheng products meet and exceed the quality standards of various kinds of industrial equipments. These  valves are  manufactured under and comply with strict international standards such as API, ANSI, ASME, ASTM, MSS, NACE, AWWA, BSI, CAS, etc. Furthermore, more than thirty sets special machines  introduced  from  Taiwan such as  vertical machining centers,  CNC recessing machines, CNC laths,  big ultrasonic  degreasing  machine and all kinds of testing machines are the assurance    for stable product quality.

Fusheng continuously combines advanced technology analysis with independent innovation, and evaluates our existing product utilizing all of testing devices to assure that our valves conform to customer requirements as well as industry standards. New designs are made following rigorous methodology and are tested in our laboratory under actual load/pressure conditions.

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